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Brad Byers World Record Yoyo Artist & Yoyo Tricks Expert

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Yoyo Show

For those of you who remember or are currently playing with yoyos, the Brad Byers’ WORLD OF YO is a must see! Brad Byers is a “Grandmaster” yoyo tricks expert according to the Duncan International Proficiency Ratings chart. Brad holds the world record for the smallest object knocked off the ear with a yo-yo, the most consecutive (547 total) 2-handed yoyo loop-the-loops while hula hooping, and the fastest time escaping from a straitjacket while hula hooping. Duncan Toys has issued a specific congratulatory letter just to Brad in recognition of his contributions to the yoyo world record field!

Brad Byers – Grandmaster Yoyo Tricks Artist!

Yoyo Show

Brad Byers has mastered over 300 yoyo tricks which include several that he invented. He uses 2 yoyos at once, one in each hand, to perform the Whirly Bird (2 yoyos looping), Criss-Cross (looping 2 yoyos with the lines crossing), and Hip Hop (looping 2 yoyos with 1 yoyo hopping up and over the second yoyo). Other featured yoyo tricks include the world record Sharpshooter (knocks a poker chip or even an aspirin tablet off the ear of an assistant with his yoyo), Popping Corn, Gunslinger, Park the Dragster in the Garage, and the Yo Launcher.

Brad Byers WORLD OF YO! Rarely Seen Throwing Top Tricks

Yoyo Show

Grandmaster yoyo expert, Brad Byers performs more than 30 throwing top tricks, many of which are a very rare sight to see. Brad has a world record for spinning the smallest top on earth. He even throws and spins a monster top the size and weight of a bowling ball with the aid of a 13-foot rope. A few of his elaborate throwing top tricks include the Wire Walker (a top travels from one hand to the other along the string), Circle the Globe (a top is thrown behind the back and caught in front still spinning in the palm), and Rock the Baby with a Top. Watch Brad perform his smallest and largest throwing top in this video.


Brad Byers’ novelty hula hooping routine is unique! While keeping the hoops gyrating around his waist, he can loop 2 yoyos, juggle, and even escape from a regulation straitjacket.

Watch More of Brad Byers’ Yoyo Tricks Now!

Yoyo Show

My Dog Yo & Rock The Baby

Light The Torch & Eat Fire

World Record – Yoyo Loops While Hula Hooping

Yoyo Sharpshooter – Aspirin Off Brad’s Ear

Want to see the lost art of traditional yoyo tricks and spinning tops or, perhaps something you’ve never seen like, novelty hula hooping including a straitjacket escape? Then BOOK the Brad Byers WORLD OF YO for a show that is guaranteed to be fun for all ages.

Yoyo Show

Two Handed Yoyo Looping

Yoyo Show

Atomic Bomb Yoyo Trick

Yoyo Show

Spider Babe Yoyo Trick

Yoyo Show

Rock the Baby With A Top Trick


DO NOT attempt any of these amazing feats. SEVERE INJURY OR DEATH WILL RESULT! Brad Byers accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY for viewer actions or behaviors. This site contains GRAPHIC PICTURES.

Yoyo Show