Is Sword Swallowing Real?
Watch Sword Swallower Brad Byers Prove It Is 

Brad Byers Swallowing Cork Screw

Brad Byers Sword Swallowing Model T Axle

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Brad Byers is one of the best sword swallowers on the planet! He is known worldwide for his sword swallowing skills and is a 70-time world record holder. He is the only person on Earth who swallows 12 swords by inserting 1-sword at a time down his esophagus and twisting all 12 swords at once in place.

Brad can also swallow a Model-T truck axle, giant corkscrew, huge ribbon cutting ceremony scissors, Kris sword (wavy bladed), Scimitar sword (curved bladed), coat hanger, engine oil dipstick, keyhole saw, and WWI British bayonet. He has proven that he uses real blades by having x-rays taken with the swords in place. The inserted objects go all the way down into his stomach. He even invites television show hosts to actually push the swords down or pull them out to show it's real.

Brad Byers Drill

Brad Byers Hook

Extreme Sideshow

Brad Byers offers a large repertoire of daredevil acts. Brad is the originator and world record holder of the electric power drill act. In recognition of this feat, Guinness World Records has named him “The Human Toolbox.”

Brad Byers Human Toolbox Hook & Anchor

Human Toolbox

Inserting various objects into nose (e.g. running power drill, 18-inch hook, 5-inch nail, screwdriver, paper spike, jumbo safety pins), swinging an anchor and/or pulling a cart from a hook in the head.

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Propane Blow Torch

Flame extinguished on the tongue.

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Steel Animal Traps

Snapped on fingers, hands, arm, and tongue.

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Bed of Nails

Up to 18 people sit on Brad while lying on the nails.

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Broken Glass

Walking, jumping, and placing face in glass.

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Staple Gun

Playing cards stapled to Brad’s bare flesh.

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Fan Stop

Stopping metal fan blades at high speed with tongue.

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Finger Smash

Smashing finger with canned goods.

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Animal Balloon

Goes in the nose and comes out the mouth a swan.

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Live tarantula in the mouth while blowing bubbles.

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Breaks 4 chopsticks on the pit of the throat.

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Brad Byers Broken Glass Act


Brad Byers X-Ray of Hook Through Nose

Brad Byers X-Ray of Electric Drill through the Nose

Brad Byers Sword Swallowing X-ray

Brad Byers Sword Swallowing Curved Scimitar Sword

Brad Byers Nail CT

Brad Byers Sword Swallowing Audience Response

Brad Byers Sword Swallowing 10 Swords

Brad Byers Lionhead Sword X-Ray

Brad Byers Staple Gun Act

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