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Brad Byers The Juggler: Extreme Juggling, Knives, Sticks, Balls & More

See The Most Amazing Juggling Show Ever!

Juggling Show

Brad Byers started his career as a juggler at the age of 15. Brad joined a traveling circus as a juggler, shortly after graduating from high school. Brad has worked on several circuses including Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus and the Emmett Kelly Jr Circus performing his chin balancing and juggling act that included juggling balls, knives, torches, bowling balls, and rings.

Brad Byers juggles as many as 5 objects at once. Today, Brad’s juggling show offers up to an hour of entertainment including juggling 150,000 volt stun batons, razor-sharp machetes, extreme juggling knives, ceramic plates, juggling rings, wine bottles, brass sleigh bells, balls, juggling clubs, mixed objects (e.g. 16-pound bowling ball, ping pong balls), and apples while eating them. The juggling show also includes riding several unicycles up to 7-feet in height, rola bola balance board, finger spinning, and chin balancing.

Brad Byers Rides Unicycles Too!

Juggling Show

Brad Byers has been riding unicycles for over 40 years. He currently rides several different types of unicycles of various sizes from mini to 7-feet. Brad has world records for the Smallest Hoop Stepped Through While Unicycling and the Fastest Time Stepping Through A Hoop While Unicycling. His latest most challenging unicycle is called an ultimate wheel which has no frame or seat. Click the button below to watch a video of Brad Byers riding his ultimate wheel.

Watch Brad Byers exceptional balancing skills

Extraordinary Chin Balancing – Brad Byers Style!

Juggling Show

Brad Byers in an amazing chin balancer. Brad can balance many different objects on his chin including, but not limited to, a 16-pound bowling ball on top of a bowling pin, #2 pencil, china cup with hot coffee, axe, bicycle, 8-foot ladder, and a running lawnmower. Brad Byers has the world record for the Longest Time Balancing A Running Lawnmower on the Chin. Click on the photo and watch the video now.

Juggling Show

Rarely Seen Finger Spinning

Juggling Show

Juggler Brad Byers can spin several objects on his index finger including a book, briefcase, suitcase, metal folding chair, and metal card table. Click on the picture to watch Brad spin these objects on just his index finger with your very own eyes.

CALL Professional juggler Brad Byers today to book the most amazing juggling show. Watch Brad juggle balls, bells, razor sharp machetes, juggling knives, stun batons, bowling balls, juggling rings and more. Be amazed by his dangerous chin balancing act, finger spinning, unicycle riding, and rola bola balancing acts.

Watch Brad Byers Perform on a Rola Bola Balance Board

Juggling Show

The rola bola or balance board consists of a cylinder and a board (usually wooden). The balance board is used to display various circus-type skills or stuns. Brad Byers performs several feats (juggling, hula hooping, jump roping) while balancing on a Rola Bola balance board. Brad has even “Kicked It Up a Notch” and can also balance his board on top of a bowling ball. Now that’s amazing!

Click on the picture to watch Brad’s Rola Bola Act.

Juggles Ceramic Plates and more

Juggles Ceramic Plates and more

Juggler Brad Byers Finger Spinning

Finger Spinning Various Objects

Brad Byers Juggles Stun Baton

Juggling 150,000 Volt Stun Baton


DO NOT attempt any of these amazing feats. SEVERE INJURY OR DEATH WILL RESULT! Brad Byers accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY for viewer actions or behaviors. This site contains GRAPHIC PICTURES.

Juggling Show